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University of Calgary

a young university in a dynamic city

Since 2014, Eric has had the opportunity to aid in the development in video material for many stakeholders  /organizations across the University of Calgary campus. These groups include:

University Relations, Dinos Athletics, Leadership and Student Engagement, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Teaching and Learning, and The Gauntlet

Videos filmed for Gauntlet have garnered attention nationwide. Two years in a row (2014/15) videos produced at the Gauntlet won the best student video from Canadian universities. Work for the Dinos have also received recognition. Namely, an award from the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators covering CIS, NAIA, Div. 3 and select Div. 2 schools in 2016. 

Recently, Eric has been producing videos specifically for the website which are updated on a monthly basis to reflect the student life on campus. 


Selected Projects