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Fuelled By Passion, Driven for Life

Eric has worked together with Dane Tudor since 2015 to create summer promotional videos for his sponsor, Scott Sports. 


Dane Tudor shares his passion of an active lifestyle skiing, mtn biking, training and swimming. Filming: Teton Gravity Research, Dendrite Studios, Eric Gonzalez Editing: Dane Tudor, Eric Gonzalez


Eric Filmed all the Non-Winter footage.

Dane Tudor has been in the ski scene since the age of only 2 years old. He skis in a class of his own excelling in Big Mountain, freestyle and freeski. The "Powdahound" uses everything in his power to get his head in the game and take on winter.

For Pro Skier Dane Tudor, Mountain Bike has become a summer staple. Taking a mountain bike to locations that he frequently visits in the winters, Dane shows us what it is to get lost, and to really feel the flow that the mountains have on offer.

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Eric Filmed all the Non-Winter Footage.

Dane Tudor on how biking and skiing shape his life.

Shreddin with the bois. Dane Tudor - Josh Solman and Braeden Onciul ride Whoopidy.

An ESPN profile video on professional skier Dane Tudor and what activities he enjoys during the off season. Healthy living and an active lifestyle!

When Dane isn't dropping pillow lines or sending back country booters, he's going for shreds on his Genius LT. What a ripper!