Eric Gonzalez Video is a video production company based in the greater Trail area. I film, produce, and edit videos to various clients in the area. Also, I, Eric Gonzalez, when necessary, manage and direct a group of teens which together produce a wide variety of videos.

  Film Reel Sept 2012 - June 2013

"We see a lot of videos in our line of work, and Eric's are very professional with exceptional quality” - Peak Communicators

“Very poised and professional” - Andrea Jolly, City Of Trail

“The camera work really stands out in the quality of the video” - Perry Cooper, SeaTac/ Port of Seattle

“Got a future in the business if you want to go in that direction” - Ted Heutter, Museum of Flight

“Use of camera angles and depth change are visually engaging!” - Dave Derosa, JL Crowe

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